We build relationships and get to know you and your family.

This isn't filling shifts or hiring warm bodies. Our Care Providers show up, do their job well, and keep their clients safe and happy at home in:

Service Area

We offer service in Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, Apex, Wake Forest, Holly Springs, Fuquay-Varina, and Garner-Wake County.

We also work with clients who are transitioning home from Duke Hospital, UNC Hospital, and Wake Med. If you live nearby, get in contact today.

Having home care shouldn't feel like a stranger coming into your home.

Having a Care Provider should make you feel like you're coming home for the first time. Home is where you go to get away from the stress; it shouldn't be the source.

Keep it that way with Grace Care Solutions.

Ready to come home again?

What We Do

By blending technology and compassionate in-person care, we are able to offer a host of packages to provide truly all-encompassing care for all budgets and needs. 

Traditional in-home care

Our expertly trained Care Providers help with all non-medical duties, such as:

  • Activities of daily living (ADLs)
    • Bathing
    • Feeding
    • Dressing
    • Grooming
    • Incontinence care
    • Mobility: ambulation and transfers
    • Toileting
  •  Independant Activities of Daily Living (IADL’s)
    • Meal preparation
    • Light housekeeping
    • Transportation to doctors
    • Errands and grocery shopping
    • Medication reminders
    • Companionship and supervision
    • Morning wakeup
    • Assistance with long-term care insurance claims

FAST Fall Monitoring and Detection

Every second of every day, an older adult (age 65+) suffers a fall in the U.S.—making falls the leading cause of injury and injury death in this age group. One out of four older adults will fall each year in the United States, making falls a public health concern, particularly among the aging population.
Our unique touchless fall prevention and detection solution is monitored 24/7 by our professional Remote Care Coordinators (RCCs).

  • How It Works
    When a FAST alert is detected, an RCC assesses if staff needs to respond promptly. Our camera-free 4G enabled Wi-Fi sensors are discreetly mounted to the wall or ceiling and scan the area for people. It can detect occupants on the floor and in specific regions of the room, such as a bed or chair. FAST sensors are effective in all lighting conditions and humidity levels. They allow individuals to live with dignity and privacy intact, while giving family and caregivers peace of mind.

Connected Care

Virtual Caregiving helps seniors stay safe even when their caregivers are not there in-person. Seniors connect with Remote Care Coordinators, nurses, physicians and family via phone, tablet, or laptop.

  • When you need to speak with someone who knows your medical history, or when you just need to talk, our Remote Care Coordinators are there for you.
  • Need medication reminders when caregivers and family are not present? We can help! Our system can send reminders, or we can set up a call with your RCC.
  • Whether it’s pain management or a change in symptoms, our RCC can make sure your team and family are notified. We can help communicate your symptoms or issues as needed.
  • When your caregivers or family members aren’t with you, we can be! Our Remote Care Coordinators are more than a team member, they
    become friends who care.
  • Perfect for someone not fully ready to welcome a Care Provider in their home
  • How it works
    • You or your aging loved-one receive a dedicated Remote Care Coordinator.Together, a customized Plan of Care is developed. The senior receives proactive check-ins and reminders via tablet, phone, or computer. We conduct daily health surveys as needed. Our Remote Care Coordinators provide companionship to combat loneliness and can help with assistance and reminders obtaining medication, food, and other household needs.

Hospital to Home Discharge Package

Being discharged from the hospital can be a stressful time for patients and family caregivers. With our discharge  program, we
remove the worry, and help with a safe, comfortable homecoming.

  • Pick up from hospital, return to home
  • Pick up prescriptions, groceries, or any other necessities
  • FAST Fall Alert Safety and Connected Care Virtual Caregiving
  • 20 hours per week in person Care Provider
We've had clients who were:
- Gardeners
- Bakers
- Tinkerers

Who are still:
- Gardening
- Baking
- Tinkering

One of our clients worked in television for his entire life. He suffers from depression and greatly misses working. We take him once a week to his own guest DJ spot at a local radio station. He plans the setlist in advance, introduces each song, and he looks forward to it each week.

These types of experiences are achievable for your loved one. Our clients actively participate in their lives and engage their lifelong interests thanks to the power of companion care, trust, and heart.

With Grace Care Solutions, age is just a number. Your life begins again today.
It's a simple as three steps;

1. Hiring and recruiting only the best of the best in caregivers.
2. Equipping them with the training, supplies, and support they need to work with you.
3. Delivering custom-tailored care with demonstrable results.

From personal care tasks like showering and dressing, to companionship tasks like meaningful conversation and meal preparation, you're in capable hands with Grace Care Solutions.

No secret sauce or "million-dollar method." We keep it simple: reliable, compassionate care.

Clients that work with Grace Care Solutions stay with us because of the:

Sleep Test: "I no longer have to lay at night wondering if this person is okay." Rest easier at night.

It's more than the care: "The Grace Solutions process for billing and management is transparent, available, and updated on a daily basis for all family members to access." Open and honest feedback from the front door to the back end.

Results speak for themselves: "You'll be much more at ease knowing local, individually designed care is there, and the much needed great communication that goes along with it."

Locally-owned and grown from the ground up. With roots planted in Raleigh, your home care services will always feel like home.

We are also proud members of the Independent Home Care Alliance, the Home Care Association of America, and the Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce.

The founder of Grace Care Solutions, Shana, was a cancer patient around the beginning of the pandemic. She's been in your shoes and that is the philosophy that she leads her caregivers with.

This experience showed her the importance of quality care, care team collaboration, and prompt communication.

Our commitment to quality, holistic and transitional care services, and high caregiver recruitment standards all center around you and what's important to you.

Contact Grace Care Solutions

To learn more about the services we offer here at Grace Care Solutions, contact us today at (919) 746-7274.

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